Fall season brings fashion changes


Caroline O'Shaughnessy, asst. a&e editor

Leaves change from green to gold and fall from the trees, school is in full swing and pumpkin spice is back for the season. Fall is upon us and with it comes fall fashion. Many students at South embrace the new season with festive colors and the warmth of a familiar sweater.

One of the lovers of fall fashion at South is senior Amira Bland. She believes fall fashion is special because of the warmer clothing and pops of seasonal color. Bland says she draws inspiration for her outfits from many different places.

“I love sweaters, and scarfs, and just the fall colors that can be incorporated into [outfits,]” Bland said. “I pull inspiration from Pinterest, and I save a bunch of things into boards and name them like ‘chic outfits’ or ‘sporty outfits.’ I also look at Instagram.”

Junior Lexie Aralis says she pulls from many sources to create her fall looks. Aralis finds inspiration from her surroundings as well as pop culture.

“I can’t say that I really have one fashion inspiration, I just look at celebrities and what they all wear and mash it all together,” Aralis said.

There are certain items Aralis is more inclined to grab during the fall season. Her favorite piece of clothing in her closet is a hunter green, denim army jacket that is a favorite for the season.

“I really like jackets,” Aralis said. “I like to wear fun, layering jackets. I also really like to wear jeans and sweaters [for fall].”

For junior Egan Bello, fall fashion revolves around the festive, seasonal colors. She loves the warm colors that make up fashion during  the Fall.

“I love the color scheme of fall clothing,” Bello said. “The warm oranges, yellows and reds in combination with the deep dark purples and greens. I also love my oversized sweaters and turtlenecks for the fall.”

Aralis believes nothing in particular is extremely out of the ordinary for fall fashion. It is an ideal season for self expression, according to Aralis, and by far the most versatile season for dressing.

“I don’t really think there is anything special about fall fashion, but it’s a good season because you can wear dresses, a jacket and boots, jeans, a sweater, or a coat,” Aralis said. “You can wear a lot in the season.”

For Bello, not much contemplation goes into her outfit choice. She says she has it down to a science.

“It takes me less than an hour to get ready in the morning,” Bello said. “Picking out my outfits usually takes two minutes, I don’t take much time on them. Most of the time my everyday looks start off with one bold or colorful staple piece and I build off of that.”

For Aralis, she also can get ready quickly, in under twenty minutes, because outfit ideas come easily to her. There are many things Aralis enjoys about fashion, but she especially loves the element of self-expression and individuality that comes with it.

“[I love how] every vision is unique, and everyone has their own sense of style,” Aralis said. “It’s universal, everyone has their own little thing they like to do, and it’s very special like that.”